The lost princesses of Qatar: The dead mother, the exiled daughters and …


Her death story Cassia Gallianoτης former princess of Qatar who was found dead inside her home while battling depression has caused shock around the world.

After years of exhausting fights against her ex-husband before French justice, the 45-year-old was found dead in the house where she lived alone in the Spanish city of Marbella, due to a drug overdose, according to French reports.

She was the billionaire’s third wife Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani73 years old, uncle of the Emir of Qatar. They married in 2004, lived together for 8 years and had three daughters. The princesses Malak, Yasmin and Reem.

In 2012, when they divorced, the 45-year-old Polish-American woman wanted to claim custody of her girls, against the background of serious accusations of incest. French justice had rejected her requests pending psychological expertise.

In particular, Galliani had accused her ex-husband of abuse against her, but also against their eldest daughter. In fact, The allegation of incestuous sexual intercourse with his daughter reached the courts, when the 17-year-old sued her father a few weeks ago.

Kasia Gallanio
Gallanio with her daughter Yasmeen Althani

The eldest daughter’s complaint of sexual abuse by her sheikh father

On April 14, 2022, Yasmeen Althani complained that she had fallen victim of sexual abuse by her father between the ages of 9 and 15.

The sheikh’s entourage denies these allegations, but the Paris Prosecutor’s Office has begun investigation for sexual assault.

Today, the 73-year-old prince of Qatar has no relationship with two of his daughters and only covers their expenses in simple hotels or short stays.

yasmeen althani malak althani
Gallanio with her two eldest daughters Yasmeen Althani and Malak Althani

On the contrary, The 15-year-old minor, who is 15 years old, lives with her father in a 5,000-square-meter palace on the luxurious Avenue Montaigne in Paris. The girl lives “isolated from the world, having dropped out of school”, as reported by the newspaper Le Parisian.

malak althani
The middle daughter of the former couple Malak Althani

The fairy tale that ended up being a nightmare

Cassia Galanio was born in Krakow and moved to the United States when she was a child. She studied at California State University and worked briefly for Morgan Stanley before her life changed completely in 2004, when she met her husband on a visit to Paris while taking a break from her studies.

He never returned to college, as he lived the … fairy tale with the prince and married Al-Thani with whom he had three daughters. Cassia was then presented as the perfect princess of Qatar, although she herself preferred to live in Spanish Marbella. In 2009, she won an unknown amount from Barclays Bank after helping her husband dismantle an alleged € 50 million fraud.

However, she claimed that her husband never reciprocated her faith and during their marriage she complained that continued to abuse both her and one of their children.

Kasia Gallanio

About a month ago, Galliano gave an interview to “Women’s World Show TV” in which she referred to her ex-husband Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

“When you hurt someone, no matter who you are or what you are, you should be punished. When my daughter says it, I believe it. Unfortunately, it is a horrible story. Something that hit us very hard.”

He had even advised every woman to speak regardless of her condition. “If you have been abused, you can not say anything.”

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