Ukraine: German politicians “see” a risk of a third world war

Ukraine: German politicians “see” a risk of a third world war
Ukraine: German politicians “see” a risk of a third world war

Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Lars Klingbeil warned of the risk that the new escalation of the conflict in Ukraine could lead to a third world war and called for “precise coordination” by Germany with its allies.

“We will continue to consistently support Ukraine, but at the same time it is clear that a third world war must be prevented.

It is important in this situation that there is well-coordinated action by the West, precise coordination – and as a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the unity in the Western alliance is and will remain intact,” said Mr. Klingbeil.

Threat of world war

Regarding arms deliveries to Ukraine, the SPD leader reiterated that “daily consultation with partners will continue.”

The leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Tino Hroupalas also spoke about the threat of a new world war, at the same time attributing responsibility to the government for its handling. “The third world war is threatening us, and Germany would in that case be a direct belligerent, because of the strategic escalation of the government coalition,” said Mr. Hrupala.

For the Liberals (FDP), foreign policy chief Alexander Lambsdorff, commenting on the backlash inside Russia after the Kremlin announced partial conscription, said the protests “deserve the utmost respect” but expressed the belief that “they are not likely to shake the Putin system.”

In an interview with Augsburger Allgemeine, Mr. Lambsdorf noted, according to APE, that the protests are too small and the protesters do not have enough support in society. “There is currently no visible danger for Vladimir Putin from the inner circle of power,” he said.

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