Macron gets inside Putin’s mind

Macron gets inside Putin’s mind
Macron gets inside Putin’s mind

Emmanuel Macron defended his willingness to continue dialogue with Vladimir Putin and said he was optimistic he could persuade India and China to condemn Russia’s stance. “The leader who decided to go to war and who chose escalation: he is Vladimir Putin,” the French president said in an interview with CNN.

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The French head of state said that the Russian president is now under “much more pressure” than at the beginning of the attack, due to the Ukrainian resistance, but also the sanctions imposed by international organizations.

Putin’s isolation during the pandemic is to blame

This war started on February 24 by Vladimir Putin “has no logical explanation” in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron. “I think it’s a combination of resentment: it’s a strategy of hegemony in the region and I would say it’s a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and Putin’s isolation,” the French president told CNN.

The French president defended himself and his desire to continue to pursue dialogue with Vladimir Putin. “For years, especially with Angela Merkel, we were convinced that spending so much time trying to implement the Minsk agreements was the best way to avoid the current situation,” he said.

According to Emmanuel Macron, the status quo has been lost in a “post-covid” situation. However, the French president insists he wants to communicate with the Kremlin. “Thanks to this dialogue, we managed to have the IAEA visit, for example, the Zaporizhzhya power plant,” he underlined.

“It’s the world order at stake”

On the floor of the UN, several leaders, including Emmanuel Macron, advocated reforming the organization, particularly in light of Russian blockades over the conflict in Ukraine. “The UN must be reformed, but for now there is no alternative or more effective order (of things), this is how our world works,” the French president said.

He said, however, that he was “optimistic” that countries such as China and India would side with the West in this conflict. “We need to show respect in our conversations, not lecture,” he explained.

“We can convince them, we are different, but we can do it because the world order is at stake,” added the president.

“We have to go from a world where interdependence and trade was a way to avoid wars, to a world where we have to be autonomous and independent,” concluded Emmanuel Macron.

Russia disappointed by Macron

“We are very disappointed with the attitude of France,” said the representative of the Russian embassy in France. “France has always been a great friend of Russia and we are very disappointed with France’s attitude,” said Alexander Makogonov.

France “leaves the door open for dialogue, but at the same time supplies weapons to Ukraine,” he complained, adding that he hopes “one day France can play a role in the political solution.”

Macron’s new statements

“I think it’s a clear message for the rest of the world. A few months ago, Vladimir Putin was telling us “I was attacked by NATO, they created the situation and I only reacted now”. It is clear to the whole world that the leader who decided to go to war, the leader who decided to escalate is President Putin. And I have no rational answer. I think it’s an ongoing discontent, a hegemonic strategy in the region and I think it’s a post-Covid consequence,” Macron said.

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