Moldavian drug-trafficking ring busted: 2.5 million drugs seized

Moldavian coil that he manufactured and trafficked illegally anabolics and other pharmaceutical preparations, in Greece and abroad, was dismantled by the management Economic Police during a large police operation, which took place yesterday with the participation of Europol officials, in Maroussi and Glyfada. It is noted that, as estimated by ELAS, the revenues from the illegal activity of the criminal organization, as well as the total value of the confiscated preparations, amount to tens of millions of euros.

During yesterday’s police operation, a 35-year-old Moldovan man was arrested, against whom a case file was filed for the offenses of criminal organization, forgery, as well as for violations of the legislation on money laundering and for amateur and professional sports. In the case file that was formed, five of his compatriots, members of the criminal organization, are also included.

According to the Directorate of Economic Police, the spiral has been operating since 2015, while its methodology was as follows: Its members had formed two three-member cores, in Attica and Thessalonikiwhile they also had other partners in Europe, USA and Asia. They manufactured the anabolics in three warehouses in Attica and Thessaloniki, while they procured the raw materials from Moldova and Bulgaria, through a travel agency and courier companies.

The drugs were sold through websites managed by members of the organization, as well as through encrypted e-mail addresses. The defendants placed the illegal substances in parcels, with the senders’ details of non-existent persons and companies, while transporting the parcels with the organization’s vehicles and they carried out their shipment through Greek courier companiesstating false sender information.

At the same time, money transfer companies were used for payments, while the “Hawala” payment method was used for the further distribution of criminal proceeds.

It is noted that the spiral’s action extended abroad. Specifically, in USA, UK, Belgium Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Chile, Moldova, China, Israel, Lebanon, Colombia, Singapore, Ireland and Australia.


In police searches carried out in the two storage areas – preparation rooms, the following were found and confiscated, according to ELAS: 2,473,000 pieces of illegal anabolic and other pharmaceutical preparations (ampoules – tablets – vials) manufacturing equipment and packaging materials, 3 mobile phones, 2 laptops and a number of portable digital storage media, a car, parcels ready for dispatch, a number of bank documents, proof of delivery and handwritten notes.

The arrested person, with the case file filed against him, was taken to the competent prosecuting authority and referred to a main interrogation.


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