Horror in Ukraine: 436 bodies have been exhumed in Izium

Horror in Ukraine: 436 bodies have been exhumed in Izium
Horror in Ukraine: 436 bodies have been exhumed in Izium

The Ukrainian authorities they have recovered 436 bodies who had been buried in a forest near the town of Izium which they took back from the Russians and 30 of them showed ‘signs of torture’the governor of the Kharkiv region announced today.

“A total of 436 bodies have been exhumed. Most bear signs of violent death and 30 bear signs of torture”Oleg Sinegubov said on Telegram.

“There are corpses with ropes around their necks, their hands tied, with broken limbs or bullet wounds. Many men have had their genitals mutilated.” continued Sinegubov, reporting “evidence of horrific torture” suffered by the population, according to him.

Atrocities at Izium

Several hundred graves with a cross and a mass grave were discovered in mid-September near the city of Izium, which was under Russian occupation for several months before it was seized by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian police also claimed to have discovered “torture chambers” in the region, including Izium.

Russian forces have been accused of multiple abuses in territory under their control in Ukraine.

In Bucha on the outskirts of Kyiv after the withdrawal of Russian forces from the area at the end of March, corpses of civilians who had been executed in cold blood were discovered.

Moscow denies committing these crimes and called the discovery of the tombs at Izium a “lie”.

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