North Korea: Mystery with 10-year-old girl in performance – Why they say she is the secret daughter of Kim Jong Un

North Korea: Mystery with 10-year-old girl in performance – Why they say she is the secret daughter of Kim Jong Un
North Korea: Mystery with 10-year-old girl in performance – Why they say she is the secret daughter of Kim Jong Un

Rumors have resurfaced that Kim Jong Un has a daughter and it is a ten-year-old girl who was seen at a performance.

The secret daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been seen for the first time at a national event, experts in China believe.

The girl, named Kim Yoo Ae, appeared on stage ahead of North Korea’s National Day celebrations earlier this month.


She was one of several children who performed a song for Kim Jong Un and his wife, Ri Sol Yoo, but something about her stood out to experts…

Writing under the pseudonym Samhero, an analyst on the blog InDPRK noted that Ri Sol Yoo approaches this particular girl at the end of the performance, notes Daily Mail.

The alleged daughter of Kim Jong Un

She places her hand on the child’s back and seems to be speaking to her personally. And when the other children huddle around the North Korean leader, jumping with excitement, the little one appears calmer, even grabbing another girl’s hand to hold it back when she follows the leader too closely.


The camera was constantly on her

The analyst, in fact, saw further clues during the performance itself: The camera focuses on her as the song begins, lingering for several seconds, before returning to her again and again.

Meanwhile, her appearance also stands out: Her hair is down and she wears white socks.

In addition, the Kim couple seems very committed to the performance. At one point the camera cuts directly from the ‘first family’, beaming with joy, to a close-up of the girl.

In the shot, Kim Jong Un’s sister is also seen in the background, obviously moved.


Very strict measures for Kim’s children

Michael Madden, an expert on North Korea’s elite, suggested that Kim’s daughter could be a similar age to the girl in question: “She would be close to 10 years old in 2022, which is about the age of the girl in the footage of state media’.

He added that Ri Sol Yoo had made many TV appearances before being recognized as a member of the “first family.”

“Ms. Ri appeared on North Korean television on many occasions as a singer, sometimes as a soloist, in concerts,” he said.

“These appearances took place prior to her identification in July 2012 as the wife of Kim Jong-un,” he added.

Madden further said: “When Kim Jong Un was a child and teenager, he was kept away from all but the top North Korean elite who had close family or personal relationships with his father.


“The North Korean elite could not interact with him or his siblings without his father’s approval. That was true for Kim Jong Un when he was growing up, and it could very well be true for his own children as well.”

Madden, a fellow at The Stimson Center in Washington, DC, who also runs the website North Korea Leadership Watch, explained that there were likely more children.

Kim Yoo-ae’s existence was also confirmed by NBA star Dennis Rodman, who visited Kim Jong-un in 2013, but there have been other rumors for a while.


Madden noted that “current rumors about Kim Jong-un’s family say he has three children, two daughters and a son. Some information about his children comes from observing state media photos in which Mrs. Ri appears to be pregnant.”

North Korea’s ruling regime is notoriously tight-lipped about the country’s first family.

Kim Jong Un with his wife

Kim Jong Un himself became known to his countrymen only in 2010, a year before the death of his father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il.


There is also growing speculation that a mystery woman who has recently been seen following the dictator is Kim Jong’s half-sister, Kim Sul Song.

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