Is this Kim Jong Un’s secret daughter?

Is this Kim Jong Un’s secret daughter?
Is this Kim Jong Un’s secret daughter?

Chinese experts believe the North Korean dictator’s hidden daughter has been caught on camera making her stage debut with his wife.

The secret daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been seen for the first time at an event. The girl – tentatively identified as Kim Ju-ae – appeared on stage at North Korea’s National Day celebrations earlier this month.

She was one of several children who performed a song for Kim Jong-un and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, but something about her stood out to expert analysts.

Writing under the pseudonym Samhero, an analyst on the InDPRK blog noted that Ri Sol-ju approaches this particular girl at the end of the event.

She places her hand on the child’s back and appears to be speaking to her personally, only pulling away when she needs to move another girl in front of her husband.

And when the other kids crowd around Kim Jong-un, jumping up and down with excitement, she appears calmer, even grabbing another girl’s hand to hold it back when she gets… dangerously close.

The analyst saw other clues: the camera focuses on her as the song begins, lingering for several seconds, before returning to her again and again.

Meanwhile, her appearance also stands out – she is the only girl whose hair is not tied up and the only one who wears white stockings.

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