Revolt in Iran: Woman, Life, Liberty

Revolt in Iran: Woman, Life, Liberty
Revolt in Iran: Woman, Life, Liberty

THE Ribeiro Combati he is iranian He is – necessarily – in Greece from 2007 because his spirit and the way he saw things worried the Iranian regime. Educator and poet, but above all a lover of freedom, he preferred the path of political refugee to the dungeons of his country.

In recent days, Kobadi has been in overstimulation one would say. The uprising of the Iranian people, led by the revolutionary women, sweeps everything in its path and becomes known to the ends of the earth with information being transmitted like lightning. He is informed by his sisters who are on the way. He would obviously like to be there but he can’t.

“What makes this uprising different from the previous ones is that it involves the entire Iranian people. Almost the whole world is in the streets, and I can tell you that this is the first time.” tells us on the other end of the telephone line o Riboisvisibly excited.

“There is no shortage of uprisings from Iran. They happened in 2007 and 2009 and relatively recently for a bunch of reasons. From fuel accuracy to the general standard of living. But this time the demand is more radical, the process too. Women throw away the headscarf and protest, men stand by them and support them. 100 years ago the then king had forced women to take off the headscarf. With the revolution of 1979, women were forced to wear it. Now is the time for women to say and decide what they want for themselves. I have to tell you that among those protesting there are also those who do not have a problem with the headscarf. But they want to have the right to choose.”

Demonstrations in Iran over the death of Mahsha Amini

There is another difference which makes this rebellion stand out: “This time the whole planet knows it, everyone. Even the Iranians did not learn the previous ones very well. Also now the flame was spread all over the length and breadth of the country. Even in small towns of 10,000 inhabitants or even smaller. Even the Greeks around me are busy. I’ve been a political refugee in Greece for 15 years, it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this”.

The goal, according to Kobadi, is one, the Islamic Republic of Iran must cease to exist, after all, this is not a democracy. We are pushing to change the basic principles of the state, to move into a new era for the country. Let’s free the rest of the planet from this mess. It is very important. And the world has understood this, transcending political parties and their differences. Now the rebellion concerns everyone, not just one area, or specific people. This is our great victory.”

The regime, as it informs us “reacts violently, with repression. On Wednesday protesters locked themselves in a mosque to protect themselves and were mercilessly bombarded by the Revolutionary Guards. There was no mercy. Now since Wednesday access to the internet has been greatly restricted, they have “thrown” everything. But we do not stop desiring and seeking the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The West is funding the mullahs”

You know like what the big problem is? The attitude of the West. They still support the mullahs. A few 24 hours have passed since Emmanuel Macron’s meeting with the president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi. Tell me, what is the meaning of this meeting, at this time? Raisi is responsible for the death of 7000 people in the 80s as head of the judiciary”.

“And yet, these people continue to be financed. They talked about nuclear weapons but Macron told him something about the girl who was killed. But every day people are killed in Iran, doesn’t the French president know that?”

Kobadi then explains the pivotal role of women in the uprising: “Mrand in 2009 they were the protagonists, the then rebellion had been started by the Kurds. Of course, the West never learned this. But the women of 2009 are now mothers, educated mothers who want a better future for themselves and their children. And they come forward. The girl they killed, Mahsa Amini, has become an icon. Her mother over the grave said that “my child you are not dead”. He meant it. Also, the central slogan of the uprising is Woman, Life, Freedom and that says a lot.”

Our interlocutor found in Greece in 2007 hunted. “In the city of Mahabat I had a small school for children from 6 to 16 years old. In our libraries there was not a single religious book. On the contrary, I had collected with great personal effort from various bookstores 4300 titles. I was arrested in the 2005 uprisings, Mahabat was burning for a month without anyone knowing. They confiscated everything. They didn’t leave anything, no books, no pc.”

I had also published, illegally of course, a poetry collection entitled Bread and Flag. For all this I was arrested. Then he found himself as a political refugee in Greece, where I remain.”

On Saturday, Kobadi together with his compatriots living in Greece will be in Syntagma Square where it will take place “protest gathering of Iranian political refugees in Greece against the crimes of the Islamofascist regime of Iran” as he highlights on facebook.

They invite anyone who wants to come and be informed in detail about the latest developments. “We are, I say it again, united as never before. Many of us once had different views on things. This is no longer the case. So we call on the Greeks to support us strongly.”

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