“Russian forces had to replace Zelensky and go home”

“Russian forces had to replace Zelensky and go home”
“Russian forces had to replace Zelensky and go home”

A few hours before its completion Italian election campaignthe statements of the former Italian prime minister and current leader of the Forza Italia party caused a sensation Silvio Berlusconi, with reference to the Ukrainian and the movements of the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

More in detail, o “Cavalier” speaking on Italian public television Rai, he said:

“Putin found himself in a difficult, dramatic situation. The delegation of his two pro-Russian republics Donbass, he went to Moscow, talked to everyone – the radio stations, the press and television, the party officials – and then they all went together to Putin and said to him: “Zelensky raised the attacks of his forces on our borders. We reached 16,000 dead. We ask you to defend us, because otherwise, we don’t know where we might end up. Putin was pushed by the Russian people, by his party and his ministers, to invent this special operation. Russian forces were to enter Kyiv within a week, to replace Zelensk with a government of good peopleand after another week to return home”.

Silvio Berlusconi, always referring to the Russian attack on Ukraine, continued and underlined:

“The Russian forces, however, encountered unpredictable resistance from the Ukrainians, who supported with all kinds of weapons from the West. Now the war has exceeded two hundred days, every day the death toll is increasing and the situation in Ukraine is more and more difficult to bring under control because the Russian forces they are scattered throughout Ukrainewhile I think they should have been limited only to the area around Kyiv”.

News today:

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