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The chaotic background behind Putin’s speech – 13 hours late, doctors called

The chaotic background behind Putin’s speech – 13 hours late, doctors called
The chaotic background behind Putin’s speech – 13 hours late, doctors called

The speech had to be taped several times, ‘due to his ill health’ – What happened behind the cameras.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, with his televised taped speechannounced today Wednesday, September 21 morning, partial conscription in Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

However, the speech was scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday – following separatist announcements of holding referendums in Ukraine. According to the Daily Mail, the speech was delayed from being taped and broadcast as Mr Russian president he had a coughing fit.

The background of the filming was chaotic. According to the General SVR Telegram channel, which is run by a former Kremlin insider, Putin’s speech had to be recorded again and again, several times, “due to his poor health.”

“When the president came out and the preparations for the shooting began, he began to cough frequently. “Many attempts were made to start filming but all failed due to (Putin’s) coughing fits.”

According to the same source, cited by the Mail, doctors were eventually called to whom Vladimir Putin complained of chest pains.

“Doctors recommended postponing the filming and suggested that Putin undergo tests, which was done,” Telegram reports.

However, the channel reports that “people close to the Russian president are aware of Putin’s pathological procrastination and uncertainty when it comes to making key decisions” and that, according to people close to the Russian president, Putin “invoked a health problem to to postpone the recording of the speech and to reconsider his decision”.

In fact, three key figures have threatened to resign due to the Russian president’s dramatic escalation of the situation, including Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Russian central bank who has kept the economy afloat amid Western sanctions.


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