US “Bombshell”: Sending armored tanks to Ukraine “is on the table”

US “Bombshell”: Sending armored tanks to Ukraine “is on the table”
US “Bombshell”: Sending armored tanks to Ukraine “is on the table”

During the daily press briefing, a senior US Department of Defense official said that sending armored tanks to Ukraine is definitely “on the table”however, Kyiv must demonstrate that it has the ability to maintain such armored forces.

He is also reported to have said that US urges Western partners with Soviet-era armored fighting tanks to send them to Ukraine, to fill the void that has been created after so many months of conflict. It is worth noting that dthese announcements come at a pivotal time for Ukrainian forceswhich thanks to Western-sourced military equipment and missile systems (see HIMARS, M777, MARS II) Kmanaged to achieve a successful counterattack in the Kharkiv area.

According to The Drive, US could send Ukraine a significant number of older M1 Abrams tanks, which will have removed systems that the Americans would not want to end up in “Russian hands”, such as advanced fire control systems or communications systems. Therefore, they will be “downgraded” Abrams, which ohHowever, they will be more effective than many Soviet-era armored tanks.

Another alternative, would be the M1128 Stryker armored wheeled combat vehicleswhich have a 105 mm gun and although not a tank, nevertheless a a significant number of such vehicles are readily available for shipment to Ukraine. Yes, they can under certain conditions be a valuable, cheaper and more suitable option for Ukrainianshowever the downside is that they do not have the firepower of the M1 Abrams type armored battle tanks.

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