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The revenge that SYRIZA and PASOK are looking for

The revenge that SYRIZA and PASOK are looking for
The revenge that SYRIZA and PASOK are looking for

Revenge for the defeat of Roubatis is sought, according to the government faction, by the official opposition in the testimony of ADAE Commander, Christos Rammos. The leaks that fuel the communication image – deliberately created since the start of the investigative committee’s work – of the electrified atmosphere that dominated the first round of explanations provided by Mr. Rammos betray the opposition’s targeting.

According to the blue majority, the culmination of this strategy is the highlighting of the falsified intervention of the rapporteur of the New Democracy in the investigation committee, Lazaros Tsavdaridis. An attempt was made to attribute to Mr. Tsavdaridis the action of presenting a confidential document of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This move further exposes the poverty of the opposition, which, according to blue-collar executives, is due to the competitive effort to find communication counterweights, as well as the testimony of the President of the Communications Privacy Authority will continue at the meeting of the parliamentary inquiry committee investigating the surveillance Christos Rammos.

In this climate, the second round of the testimony of the head of the independent authority is expected, for which, as has published in time, diametrically opposite messages were being sent from the camps of the investigative committee regarding his placement. Indicative of this recording is the conflicting information regarding the time of destruction of the digital file for the connection to the mobile phone of the President of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis.

As presented by a specific source of information to the President of ADAE, the position is attributed according to which on May 5, 2022 ADAE had received from the National Intelligence Service the official notification to attend the planned destruction of the connection material, which eventually took place in end of last July. The specific action is attributed to the replacement of the old listening devices with new ones, while as is reminded the process of destroying the digital file takes place within six months, a period of time that is longer than the average applicable in the rest of the EU countries. E.

According to the same information source, the ADAE Commander did not clarify the situation regarding whether the “file” of the President of PASOK was included in the specific destruction process. Also the aspect that was not sufficiently illuminated and the aspect concerning whether the deletion of the digital file was done at an earlier time. On the contrary, however, other sources from the investigative committee show Mr. Rammos claiming that the destruction of the digital file of Mr. Androulakis’ surveillance took place on July 29, 2022. It is obvious the attempt to create the disturbing association that results from the fact that in at that time, the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament had been convened in an emergency, for Androulaki’s complaints about the attempt to infect his mobile phone with Predator. The same sources state that the president of ADAE accused the EYP of unwillingness to cooperate and attempts to evade and hide the truth. They claim that Mr. Rammos characterized the surveillance case of Mr. Androulakis as the biggest intervention in private life and that he intends to continue the investigation. The president of ADAE also submitted to the committee the minutes of the inspections he carried out at the EYP facilities.

Incommensurate size, with that of Rammos’s testimony, was attributed by the opposition to the answers given to the members of the committee by the current Governor of the EYP, Themistocles Demiris. As it is said by the majority, the interpretations of Ambassador Demiris’ reports, as well as the shocking omissions, were not avoided. As for example the information that wants Mr. Demiris to point out in a clear way that the procedure for the connection of Mr. Androulakis was completely followed at all levels. Further to the fact that Mr. Androulakis can go and be informed by the prosecutor about the suspicions that led to the connection, but not publicly.

Even to the fact that Mr. Demiris, responding to questions from members of the Commission on whether the Prime Minister could lift the secrecy, Mr. Demiris, according to the same information, stated that “even if it could be done by law, it would not I’m sure that the declassification of the PTH would be useful, in an agency that by its very nature needs secrecy for reasons of national security.”

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