The two moments that “broke the ice” between Prince William and Prince Harry

The two moments that “broke the ice” between Prince William and Prince Harry
The two moments that “broke the ice” between Prince William and Prince Harry

The heir to the British throne after Queen Elizabeth’s death, Prince William, and his brother, Prince Harry, were two of the people in the spotlight at the 96-year-old monarch’s funeral as their relationship with King Charles is at a nadir. to try desperately to bring his two children together again.

Media such as Daily Mail note, in fact, that his relationship William by Harry is one of the biggest bets for the new king of Great Britain as the disputes between the two “had caused great pain to Queen Elizabeth”.

It is no coincidence that even media outlets such as the Guardian devoted entire articles to the coldness that existed between Prince William and Prince Harry during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

THE Harrywearing a morning suit to which his medals were pinned rather than a military uniform, the traditional dress that members of the royal family are allowed to wear on ceremonial occasions, kept his gaze straight ahead during the procession from Westminster Hall to Abbey and later at Windsor Castle.

Although their cousin Peter Phillips was not among them, as was the case at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral last April, the two men and their wives avoided any interaction. Their eyes never met, keeping a safe distance between them.

However, there were at least two moments throughout Queen Elizabeth’s funeral ritual when William and Harry perhaps they gave some hope that the possibility of them finding each other again is not completely ruled out.

The first was when the prince william he pointed to his brother and his wife, Meghan Markle, their seats in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth is buried. “Shall we go first?” asked the prince harry with the heir to the British throne nodding yes and telling his wife, Kate Middleton“citizens to pass first”.

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