Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Why they put Biden back in the church – Trump trolled him

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Why they put Biden back in the church – Trump trolled him
Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Why they put Biden back in the church – Trump trolled him

Joe and Jill Biden were placed in the back rows of Westminster Abbey during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral yesterday, Monday.

In particular, as the “Daily Mail” reports, President Biden, along with his wife, were placed in the 14th row, in a ceremony attended by approximately 2,000 world leaders, royalty and foreign officials. Joe Biden sat behind Polish President Andrzej Duda and in front of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, while Jill Biden sat next to Ignacio Cassis, the president of Switzerland, during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral at Westminster Abbey .


Joe and Jill Biden at Westminster Abbey / Gareth Cattermole/Pool Photo via AP

Earlier the US presidential couple arrived at the funeral in their motorcade, while other world leaders took the bus. US security protocols for the president are strict and require him to travel in the armored car (The Beast) with security vehicles around him.

Joe Biden exits ‘The Beast’ / Hannah McKey/Pool Photo via AP


The Bidens sat in the south aisle of Westminster Abbey, in an area of ​​the church reserved for world leaders. The south transept contains Poets’ Corner, where prominent British writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer are buried. Joe and Jill Biden traveled to the United States on Air Force One immediately after the ceremony.

Dominic Lipinski/Pool via AP

According to protocol, Biden’s position at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

As the Telegraph reports, at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, political leaders from Commonwealth nations outnumber those from the rest of the world, even if they come from smaller or less powerful countries. This modus operandi is what led President Biden to sit seven rows behind Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Biden was also placed behind the emperor and empress of Japan who sat in the 6th row, behind European monarchs and the king of Jordan.

Joe Giddens/Pool Photo via AP

Seating at the funeral is strictly protocol for heads of state, prime ministers and presidents, members of European royal families and other guests among the 2,000 mourners gathered at Westminster Abbey. Guests sat to the left, right and front of the dais holding the Queen’s coffin, while King Charles and members of the royal family formed the front rows.

The royal family in the front row of the Abbey / Joe Giddens/Pool Photo via AP


Also seated in the front seats were the King and Queen of Bhutan, who arrived with the Emperor and Empress of Japan in a royal coach.

Dominic Lipinski/Pool via AP

Spain’s King Philip VI and Queen Letitia also traveled by bus. His father, Juan Carlos I, who abdicated in 2014 after a series of scandals, and his wife Sofia arrived separately at the cathedral. The members of the Spanish royal family were placed in the same pew.

Juan Carlos I at Westminster Abbey / Gareth Fuller/Pool Photo via AP


Trump mocked Biden

That didn’t stop Donald Trump from mocking Joe Biden, posting on Truth Social that he “wouldn’t have sat me back there” if he had been invited.

“This has happened in America in just two years. No respect! However, it is a good time for our President to meet the leaders of some Third World countries. If I were president, they wouldn’t have put me back there – and our Country would be a lot different than it is now!”, Donald Trump emphasized on social networks.

Donald Trump’s Truth Social post about Joe Biden

Trump’s popularity drops, Biden’s rises

Donald Trump’s approval rating is at its lowest point in more than a year, while President Joe Biden’s approval rating is at its highest in months, according to a poll.


Specifically, according to a survey published by NBC News, Trump currently has a 54% negative approval rating, while 34% has a positive approval rating. Trump had the same 54% disapproval rating in an August NBC News poll, but a slightly higher 36% approval rating. In comparison, Trump also had a 36% favorable approval rating in May and March 2022, 37% in January 2022, and 38% in August and October 2021.

The poll also found that while Biden’s overall approval rating remains low, he is currently at his highest approval rating in nearly a year.

NBC’s latest popularity rating of Biden has him at 45% favorable, up 3 points from last month and the highest since October 2021 – and at 52% unfavorably.

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