How does Buckingham preserve Elizabeth’s body until the funeral?

How does Buckingham preserve Elizabeth’s body until the funeral?
How does Buckingham preserve Elizabeth’s body until the funeral?

More than a week since death and three since funeralon Monday, Queen Elizabeth’s body remains unburied.

The question many may have is how it is preserved without having begun the normal process of decay, which begins about two days after death.

An answer is given by the German network n-tv, which notes that “the body must be prepared accordingly».

Markus Gebauer, spokesman for the association of Funeral Directors of Lower Saxony, told the German network RND that in order to stop the natural process of decomposition, “bodily fluids are exchanged with formaldehyde and other chemicals».

This is a type of embalming, which lasts two to six hours depending on the condition of the body and keeps the body in good condition for two to three months.

Speaking to Germany’s RTL network, certified embalmer Philipp Berger explained that embalmers take care of preserving the dead. “This involves temporarily stopping the decomposition of the body so that burial or an open casket farewell can take place later.”

Embalming can be repeated at regular intervalsas was also the case with his body Vladimir Leninwho died in January 1924 and whose embalmed body has remained in the mausoleum in Red Square in Moscow for almost a century.

“The experts submit his body to an embalming process with special injections every 12 months. Depending on the procedure, embalming can be enough for a year,” Berger said.

Did this also happen to Elizabeth? Buckingham did not comment, but it is possible that the coffin is empty. “Bild” even claims that the body is preserved with special cooling plates until burial…

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