Upheaval a breath before the premiere – The person who won’t be on Faia Skorda’s show on SKAI – News

Upheaval a breath before the premiere – The person who won’t be on Faia Skorda’s show on SKAI – News
Upheaval a breath before the premiere – The person who won’t be on Faia Skorda’s show on SKAI – News

Faia Skorda’s show on SKAI is in the final stretch, as after 9 years at the Amarousi station, she decided to take her next professional step and change her television roof (see here a photo from her office at the Faliros station).

The latest information about the person who will not be on the Skorda show

In particular, recently it was increasingly heard that Elena Fotopoulou was going to be by the side of Faia Skordas in the new television season, but a little later it didn’t take long for things to come to an end

So according to the latest information, the well-known journalist will not be on the new SKAI morning entertainment show, due to increased personal and professional obligations. Of course, this does not mean that we are not going to see them not working together in the future, there are many thoughts and discussions between them about the future.

Exterior photo: NDPPHOTO

They secured her a well-known chef after Barbarigou joined Proino

A little time is left until the day when Fai Scordas will officially premiere on her new television home, SKAI. The presenter has already started preparations for her show with her new partners.

An issue that was discussed quite a bit about Faia Skorda’s breakfast at SKAI was that of the cook. The presenter wanted to have Argyro Barbarigou by her side, however this “ship” sailed in another direction, specifically, in the direction of Giorgos Liagas who will have her with him at Breakfast (see here the first photos from the group photo shoot of).

So according to the report of Real Life, Fai Skorda will also appear very strong in the cooking part since her kitchen will be taken over by the top chef, Dimitris Skarmoutsos, who became known to the television audience through his participation in the first MasterChef, while also having his own TV shows.

After all, the two have great chemistry, which was seen when the chef was invited to cook at Breakfast.

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