Is Vasiliki’s friend divorcing the couple?

I wish it was only the separation of Kourakos and Iulia that will “sad” the audience. Another couple decides to go their separate ways, with viewers “going mad” in the episodes of the second cycle.

As everything shows, the relationship between Vasiliki and Philippous will go through many difficulties, with the separation just around the corner, in the land of the olive tree. The couple will have to face great difficulties, both because of the circuit and because of third parties.

A friend of Vasiliki visits the couple, asking for help. She opens her house, not knowing that her old classmate has other intentions. Vasiliki is in danger, just like her marriage.

Philip Vasiliki land of the olive

Apart from the friend, Areti takes her turn with the aim of separating the newlyweds. He makes a woman flirt with Philip, putting the young man in a difficult position, as well as Vasiliki!

All these tensions, combined with third parties, are particularly troubling for the couple. Philip and Vasiliki are no longer the same, in the land of the olive and their separation is a fact. Will they be able to stay together, or will the new difficulties tear them apart?

The two protagonists will occupy us a lot in the second season. Divorce will cross their mind, with Haido and Stathis taking the initiative to save this particular marriage, with any sacrifice.

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