Christidou blasted Liagas endlessly – “You could say something and not be rude and…” – News

Christidou blasted Liagas endlessly – “You could say something and not be rude and…” – News
Christidou blasted Liagas endlessly – “You could say something and not be rude and…” – News

On Saturday morning (3/9) the show “Smile Again” premiered with Sissy Christidou looking very refreshed while she seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

Among other things, the show showed the attitude of Giorgos Liagas during the filming of the trailer for Breakfast after he did not speak to the TV crews outside the studio.

Sissys Christidou’s statements against Giorgos Liagas

Among other things, the well-known presenter mentioned: “He did not speak and of course it is his right not to speak. He didn’t invite us there, we went by force, like the rest of the shows. It has happened to all of us. But George, when this happens on his show, I have seen him many times underline it and say “okay, the children have sat there for so many hours for you to make a statement to them”.

So when you as a presenter make this comment often to people who are not talking to your own camera, I would expect him to say a “good evening guys, how are you? You want something;”. Don’t sit around making statements. As the Duchess of Nomikou said two words. There is a way to not answer the questions.

All others did not respond. That is, you stop at the microphones and say “good evening guys, thank you very much for coming to wish me. Good luck” and off you go. That’s what I mean.

I don’t blame you for getting past the cameras either. It is a reaction and everyone chooses their own. Just because he often points it out on his show, that’s why I say it too. I didn’t expect him to do it later either.”

The official trailer with Giorgos Liagas and Doukissa Nomikou has been released

The official trailer of Proinos was released on the morning of Wednesday 31/8 and as we can see we expect to see many changes and new faces from the new television season. Giorgos Liagas remains the presenter, while officially the position of Faia Skordas is now occupied by Duchess Nomikou.

As we can see from the entertaining trailer, the two presenters seem to already have chemistry between them, while we even see that Argyro Barbarigou is now part of the team, which Fay Skorda had claimed for her show.

So everything seems ready and Breakfast is expected to premiere on 5/9!

The article is in Greek

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