Bad news for Marion Michelidakis – It became known on Saturday morning (3/9) that… – TV viewing

Bad news for Marion Michelidakis – It became known on Saturday morning (3/9) that… – TV viewing
Bad news for Marion Michelidakis – It became known on Saturday morning (3/9) that… – TV viewing

For the second consecutive television season, the show “Mera mesimeri me Marion” continues, where it is shown through the television frequency of OPEN. She may not have done particularly well last year in terms of viewership numbers, but the station gave her a second chance.

In particular, the development of both her and her partners is obvious since it seems that they are trying hard for a desired result and to bring satisfactory numbers. What were the viewership numbers on Friday afternoon (2/9) according to the AGB machines?

The viewing figures of the show “Mera Mesimeri with Marion”

Lunch zone

  • STAR: Detective Monk 10.6
  • SKAI: The Misfits 10.0
  • STAR: Shopping star (E) 8.2
  • MEGA: Maria the Ugly (E) 12.5
  • OPEN: Day at noon with Marion 8.1
  • SKAI: Hawaii five – 0 9.0
  • ANT1: Clinic (E) 7.9
  • MEGA: Live News 14.9

The quarters

  • 8.3
  • 7.5
  • 8.8
  • 10.6
  • 6,7
  • 8.8
  • 7.5
  • 6.8

“You’re not cheap and…” – Giorgos Papadakis’ public thumbs up to Marion Michelidakis and her show

Giorgos Papadakis wanted today, Monday 4/7, to surprise his son, Phoivos Papadakis – who recently confessed about the malicious comments he has received. The well-known journalist and presenter went on the air of the show “Mera mesimeri me Marion”, where he confessed what he experienced with his son in Portugal in 2004.

A little later, Marion Michelidakis asked him to say a few words about their show.

“You’re fine! You are a fresh team, you are in your first steps, but they are so solid and good. What I want to say is, and I’m not saying this because Phoebus also participates, is that you bring out a dignity, something that is difficult to come out on TV,” said Giorgos Papadakis initially.

Giorgos Papadakis also said: “You are not cheap and well done. You don’t do TV for the viewership, you do TV because you like what you do and very quickly you will see that a lot of people will like what you do too.”

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