Zachos Hatzifotiou is in the hospital

Zachos Hatzifotiou is in the hospital
Zachos Hatzifotiou is in the hospital

Zachos Hatzifotiou is being treated at NIMTS hospital.

According to a report in the newspaper “Espresso”, the well-known journalist is fighting the most difficult battle of his life in the last 24 hours, while in a few days it will be his 99th birthday. His people hope that this time he will be able to overcome the problem and come out victorious.

In one of his last interviews, he had mentioned that he was at home due to the coronavirus: “I am self-restricted, I don’t go out much”. Speaking to “Loipon” magazine, he had said that “I don’t like anything (laughs). Television is making efforts to recover, but it doesn’t have the means.”

Who is Zachos Hatzifotiou?

Zachos Hatzifotiou is a journalist and writer. It comes from Psara. His family left the island in 1824, after its destruction by the Turks, and settled first in Syros and finally in Athens, in Plaka, where Zachos was born on September 28, 1923.

He graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Athens. During the Occupation, at the age of 17, he escaped to Egypt, where he took part in military operations, first as a soldier in the Desert Pontiacs, at the siege of Tobruk, and then participating in the 3rd Mountain Brigade – Rimini, which was the first to enter Rimini, where and was decorated.

In December, the brigade under his command undertook the expulsion of a small pocket of the EAM that had taken refuge near the stream of Ardittos without casualties, as he claims. After the end of the war and his return he worked in his family’s businesses (textile industry and trade) until 1956.

From 1956 until 1962 he was the director of a publishing house in Paris. In the period 1962-1970 he was active in shipping and from 1970 he now appears as a writer and journalist. Chronographer in the newspaper “Kathimerini” (1974-1977), in “Tachydromos” under the pseudonym “Iakchos” from 1975 and in “Nea” as “the Distinctive” from 1977. He worked on television and became known from the show “The five minutes by Zachos Hatzifoti”.

He is the author of the books “Ta en iko… en Dimo”, “Consciousness is for sale”, “It’s also cloudy in Mykonos”, “Always on Sunday”, “Iakhos and I”, “100 broadcasts”, “Humor and painting”, ” The Paths of War” and others.

He is a member of the Athens Tennis Club and a former member of ELPA’s Board of Directors.

Zachos Hatzifotiou became more widely known from the television five-minute social critique and as a cosmographer, a “bon vivre” with many memories of Athenian life. He speaks English, French, Arabic and Italian.

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