Bra this stranger! The bra-less bare-legged photo that broke Instagram

She forgets to wear a bra and we love it! The reason is for Dimitra Vamvakousi, the gymnast originally from Santorini, who participated in the Sky TV survival reality show in 2019, survivor Greece-Turkey.

Dimitra Vamvakousis reached the final and lost to Katerina Dalaka, who was taking part for the 2nd time in a row in survivor!

The difference between them was a few votes.

Katerina Dalaka may have won the money and the title, Dimitra Vamvakousi won the love of the Greeks as well as the Turkish viewers, since in the neighboring country Dimitra Vamvakousi was the favorite of the Greek team for the Turks!

This year, when the time to see Survivor in Greece is approaching, the beauty is one of the first favorites to travel to Agios Dominicos.

In the next few days, communication is expected with Atjun Iliitzali’s company in order to settle the details and for Dimitra Vamvakousi to sign her contract!

The first information indicates that both sides want and so the prospect of Dimitra Vamvakousis traveling to Agios Dominicos will become a reality in the coming weeks when the agreement will be finalized.

See also the epic photo of Dimitra Vamvakousis with open legs without a bra

The article is in Greek

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