The great truth of Yannis Bezos about reunions

The great truth of Yannis Bezos about reunions
The great truth of Yannis Bezos about reunions

Agree or disagree with him, at least Giannis Bezos has never been a boring interviewer and even when he uses sharp language, he says what he wants to say and not what is imposed on him by the rules of public relations and the ill-conceived political correctness that many times tangled at the feet of salty cuteness. In the last sample of his speech, in an interview he granted to ERT, he referred to his painful adventure with the reunion he went to recently and all we have to say is to sanctify his mouth and he said little.

After we talked about Yannis Bezos, how much do you get in the Kakalos quiz?

School reunions are one of the many fads that came from America through its cultural influence from movies etc. Apart from being an institution that has little to do with Greek reality, it has absolutely nothing to do with the era us and it’s any wonder why some people insist on organizing these middle-aged discomfort festivals.

In America, with the distances it has, it makes sense to get lost with your classmates, with your place of birth being often thousands of kilometers from the place where you live and work now. On the other hand, the healthy curiosity about what all your classmates who you have lost contact with might be doing is more than satisfied by social media. In most cases you don’t even need to ask, just browse their profile and see where they live, what they do, their marital status, and even whether or not they put tzatziki on their souvlaki.

It is no coincidence that out of your 25 classmates, you now talk to 2-3. In fact, you always talked with these 2-3 and with the rest you simply coexisted. Who your classmates were, like the other troopers in the ward was purely a matter of luck and you don’t need to, and shouldn’t, pursue friendships with anyone who has nothing to offer you in their friendship. It sounds cynical, but it’s the absolute truth.

Zachos Doganos among the “vultures” of Greek TV.

If you wanted to hang out with all your classmates and you really cared about what they were doing in their lives, and they cared about your life of course, you would have kept in touch with the 2-3 you still have in your life. In general, people move on from when we finish school, in fact, that’s when our life begins. We study, choose a political identity, form our aesthetic criteria, work, start a family, all this after school. They are things that take us away and do well from this single mass that we were as students. Through this process we increase the distance from our classmates and find other people in our lives.

This imposed joy of coexistence with people who have nothing to say is not joy at all, it is the exact opposite. It is a toxic and dictatorial way of flirting with people you once happened to meet. A bogus form of socialization that only those who had the misfortune of not getting very far in life after school derive joy from. It is very sad that someone didn’t manage to get away from their school, both physically, but mainly mentally and spiritually and unfortunately the reunion can only be a substitute for a life that was not lived.

A huge secret that no one knew about Zacho Doganos.

In the case of Yannis Bezos, we are sure what happened, he lived the whole phase on steroids and super toxic. The only “celebrity” in the class found himself at the center of gossip and no lifers. How long can he endure being told what an enviable life he has managed to live and being asked about other famous actors, who is dating whom etc. Leave the reunions and get on with your life with those who really matter and deserve to be a part of it. The only thing we should remember from the reunions is their timing. It’s the reminder that time flies and doesn’t turn back, and we can’t afford to keep looking back.

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