How will Ali and Demir end up in the end?

Demir and Ali are two talented children who managed to steal the hearts of the viewers, in the series Infidel. Two young people who went through a lot because of their families.

At first they started as enemies and then they became good friends. This relationship will have many tensions, as the two are expected to fight again, in the upcoming episodes of the series.

This friendship will last until the end. School will end and the two will celebrate the joyous event of graduation together. Assiya and Deryn will have joined forces, with Volkan out of their lives.

Everyone will be happy. Ali will grow up next to his sister, Zeinab. They will stay together until the end, growing up together. Derin will see him as her real son, just as Assiya will embrace Zeinab.

Ali in the series Infidel

The touching finale

Ali and Demir will leave Raidesto after graduation, in the series Faithless. They will travel to England, winning a good scholarship to the university of their choice.

They will live together, having new adventures, as students. Soon, Ali will be followed by Assiya, who will have sold everything to Raidesto, transferring several of her assets to Derin.

Volkan will lose the women in his life, as well as his children. Ali will close every door behind him once he settles in London.

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