Katiana Balanika herself: This is the unknown son of Steve Kaketsis who avoids publicity (photos) – Gossip

Katiana Balanika herself: This is the unknown son of Steve Kaketsis who avoids publicity (photos) – Gossip
Katiana Balanika herself: This is the unknown son of Steve Kaketsis who avoids publicity (photos) – Gossip

In 1975, Katiana Balanika married businessman Steve Kaketsis, with whom she had her son Asimakis a year later. The couple divorced after 25 years in 2000.

Their only son, Makis, got married in 2012 and in 2013 he had his daughter, who was named after the famous actress. The new couple had married on the islet of Vidos in Corfu as it was a favorite place for both of them.


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In fact, Steve Kaketsis had made a confession about his son on the show “Tv weekend” and Stamatina Tsimtsili: “We have good relations now. I have no complaints from my son. We talk about a lot of things, but I don’t talk to my son about women. He is more monogamous than I am. My son doesn’t respect me as much as he respects his mother”

Asimakis Kaketsis is an economist and lives permanently abroad with his wife Maria and their daughter.


son of Balanika Kaketsi

“He was a premature baby”

“I married my child to my only son and I’m still crying! I remember that he came into the world prematurely, he was only 6 months old. It weighed 1 kg and 150 grams. For three months we saw him with Katiana, only in the incubator. We had bought him clothes, the smallest size and they were big for him. And on Saturday, when he got married, I looked at him standing in the church holding the bouquet in his little hands dressed as a groom and I couldn’t believe it. That’s why I was so excited. And I was even more happy that he had the wedding in Corfu. It was a “gift” to his mother who comes from the island and has a special weakness for her!” Steve Kaketsis stated 10 years ago on fthis.gr.

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