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See the little son of Nikos Kourkoulos: “They are so alike” that…

The successful show “Glass world” closed the curtain on Wednesday night in the Atrium of the Kifissia town hall, with the beloved protagonist Katia Dandoulakis to have a very pleasant and touching surprise waiting for her at the end of the evening, during her award from Marianna Latsis and his young son Nikos Kourkoulos, Philip.

In particular, among others, the show was attended by Marianna Latsis with Nikos Kourkoulos’ son, Filippoin order to reward the actress for her important artistic journey.

When I heard that you are really here, it was a surprise and a deep emotion because for me Nikos was at first an idol and then he became a family. He honored me and I honored him with my love. We had a very great family friendship and it seems to me really It seems to me really incredible that, after so many years that we have spent, the honor and the emotion are few”, Katia Dandoulaki emphasized.

I feel Marianna like family and now when I saw Philip I thought I was seeing Nikos. You look so much like him, my love! You look so much like him! I was shocked when I saw him… I hadn’t seen Philip since he was a baby,” he said.

You are the same I think and that really moved me a lot“said the beloved actress Katia Dandoulakis about the youngest son of Nikos Kourkoulos.

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