Snik – Injured girl’s parents shocked: “She’s looking to save her life” – Newsbomb – News

Snik – Injured girl’s parents shocked: “She’s looking to save her life” – Newsbomb – News
Snik – Injured girl’s parents shocked: “She’s looking to save her life” – Newsbomb – News

Shocking testimonies of the brutal beating incident at Snik’s live – 7 people were injured

In the hospital concluded one 17 years old girl after fight that took place in the shop where Snik was singing on Thursday night. The little girl was injured in the leg with her father noting that her tendon was cut, as a result of which she had to stay in bed for a month.

“He will be in bed for a month. A tendon in a finger has been cut and both legs are scarred. She has broken them with the windows, when they threw her down.” he said characteristically speaking on Mega TV.

H mother her minor spoke about the incident and said that “The child is cut everywhere. He will suffer, yes. A child who is at that moment there and sees all this happening around him, at that moment does not realize what has happened and does not look at how it started. He is looking at how to save his life, where to enter, where to hide, he is in a panic.”

“Various reports have been posted with videos and with what has happened there, the police have also come, I think it is known what happened and how it all started and what happened during it,” he added.

It is recalled that from the incredible fight that broke out, six people were hospitalized, including a minor. Of the 6 people who went to the hospital, 4 returned home as soon as they were given first aid, while the other 2 remained for further tests. In fact, among them, there was also a minor girl.

In the last few hours, a video has been making the rounds on the internet showing Snik getting off the stage and running to hide behind the crowd.

According to what people inside the store reported and shared on social media, it all started when Snik opened a bottle of champagne and accidentally showered a group of people sitting under the tent. Then one of the group reacted by doing exactly the same.

The artist claimed that the group below were throwing bottles at him, and stated that it was reasonable not to stand idly by and apologized to the people in the club.

“It made sense not to stand idly by,” said the trapper in a video he posted, adding that while he was singing, a group challenged them by throwing bottles.

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