A famous actor takes over a show on ERT

A famous actor takes over a show on ERT
A famous actor takes over a show on ERT

The new exciting knowledge and entertainment game, “say the word”hosted by the popular actor George Karamichosis coming to ERT1, to make our weekends more fun.

The richness of the words and letters of our language is endless, just like the knowledge, fun and suspense that the new knowledge game, which will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 19:00, promises to offer.

In each episode, two opposing players form their own powerful team, allied with two celebrity guests each. Guests of different specialties and status, who have distinguished themselves in the professional arena, come to offer their knowledge and positive energy in this unique educational game, which requires concentration and speed.

Why at “say the word” every second counts! And each letter hides a word.

The winner of each episode wins a major cash prize, and can claim even bigger winnings with the final round jackpot and secure entry to the next episode of the game. However, even the player who does not manage to reach the victory, has the possibility to continue. Why at “say the word”no one leaves lost.

Presenter and moderator of all the awesome matches is the favorite actor George Karamichosin a surprise role, through which he will unfold his multifaceted talent, immediacy and incredible knowledge!

The game “Say the word”, has been broadcast for many years, with huge success in many countries abroad. Each episode features a qualifying round and four different games, leading up to the grand finale, the Alphabet Round.

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