Much more beautiful than Eurydice Valavani: This is her unknown sister (photo) – Gossip

Much more beautiful than Eurydice Valavani: This is her unknown sister (photo) – Gossip
Much more beautiful than Eurydice Valavani: This is her unknown sister (photo) – Gossip

Eurydiki Valavani has a great weakness for her family and more specifically for her younger sister Ioanna, who is a doll.

The former Survivor player and sports writer is seven years older than Ioanna Valavani and has a more protective role in her life.


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Eurydice’s little sister Valavani looks quite similar to her, and we could say she’s just as gorgeous!

Check out the rare photo:


Evridikis Valavani’s wild outburst about Vassalo: “We won’t do them a favor… This is what hurts them” (Video)

Eurydiki Valavani in her previous statements on “Proino” has strongly shown her irritation for what is being written about her relationship with Konstantinos Vassalos. She had then taken a stand against reports that she had a nasty fight with her partner at a club. “Here we go again. God no, we haven’t had a fight.”

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“There has never been an intense fight. We may have a disagreement, but we discuss it through dialogue. Both are making concessions. So far we haven’t fought. At first they wanted us as a couple. Now that we are a couple they want to separate us. We won’t do them a favor though. Everything is very good. And maybe that’s what hurts some of them” he said among other things.

Watch the video:


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