“Alpha News” at the top and in August

“Alpha News” at the top and in August
“Alpha News” at the top and in August
Him Alpha viewers also chose August for their information.

At a time when developments are running, with the energy crisis threatening and the concern about the coming winter intensifying, the war in Ukraine raging, what is happening in the field of the pandemic at the global level and also the political conflict that has broken out for the case of the follow-ups, viewers trusted Alpha for their authoritative information.

The mainstream newscast finished first in August across all Monday-Sunday audiences, with 13% in the dynamic and 14.9% overall. And the update to Alpha doesn’t stop.

From Monday 5 September at 14:00, the new lunchtime bulletin is coming for a new experience in presenting the news. Maria Nikoltsiou and Efi Barbatsi together present a modern and live report on what is happening at the reporting site as well as the news from the newsroom.

For the first time in Greek data, a group of journalists from the news bulletin is inside the studio and records the latest developments. The first interactive bulletin that illuminates the news as it is “born” and at the same time highlights the human dimension, becomes a reality in Alpha.

News today:

The “La Tomatina” festival in Spain is back after 2 years – Over 130 tons of tomatoes “painted” the Festival red

EMY emergency bulletin: Strong storms from the evening to Saturday – Which areas will be affected

Turkish fishermen also take on the role of… monitor in the Aegean for the “Blue Homeland”

The article is in Greek

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