The pleasant things for Nikos Evagelatos “exploded” in the morning – Tatiana Stefanidou is by his side – TV viewing

The pleasant things for Nikos Evagelatos “exploded” in the morning – Tatiana Stefanidou is by his side – TV viewing
The pleasant things for Nikos Evagelatos “exploded” in the morning – Tatiana Stefanidou is by his side – TV viewing

The ranking table with yesterday’s 31/8 viewership of all programs and shows was announced on the morning of Thursday 1/9 and it seems that August did not end in the best way.

The truth is, many are still on vacation, some shows haven’t premiered yet, and others keep their numbers high almost year-round. One of them is the show of Nikos Hatzinikolaou on MEGA, Live News, which premiered on Monday a few days ago (see here how he did in his first show).

Our experienced journalist and presenter conveys all current affairs on a daily basis and enters the field of information again this year, completely renewed.

What a TV show the Live News with Nikos Evangeliatos had yesterday

In fact, yesterday 31/8, Live News succeeded and came out once again first in the midday zone, since it scored 15.7% in the dynamic audience.

Lunch zone

  • STAR: Detective Monk 7.5
  • SKAI: Mismatched 12.6
  • STAR: Shopping star (E) 8.5
  • MEGA: Maria the Ugly (E) 14.8
  • OPEN: Day at noon with Marion 7.4
  • SKAI: Hawaii five – 0 10.7
  • ANT1: Clinic (E) 5.9
  • MEGA: Live News 15.7
  • ERT: Studio 4 6.6

The quarters in detail

  • 14.2
  • 16.9
  • 16.1
  • 17.4
  • 16.4
  • 18.3
  • 16.7
  • 13.3
  • 13.9
  • 14.1
  • 13.2

NDP outside photo

Evangelist’s words at the premiere

Good evening. Good evening friends and welcome. Have a good season, and TV and all other activities, from schools, jobs, to whatever is ahead of us in this winter that is predicted to be heavy and difficult. We will go through it together, calmly and trying to give you the best information we can“, were the first words of the presenter on the air of the station, having returned from his summer holidays with his wife Tatiana Stefanidou.

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