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“I could have been killed!” – The unknown adventure in the previous work of Sotiris Tsafoulias – News

“I could have been killed!” – The unknown adventure in the previous work of Sotiris Tsafoulias – News
“I could have been killed!” – The unknown adventure in the previous work of Sotiris Tsafoulias – News

Whenever he speaks on television, it is a joy for the viewers to listen to him and also for the presenters to host him. The reason for the talented Sotiris Tsafoulias, who at noon on Thursday 1/9 did a walk for the month at Studio 4 and talked about everything to Nancy Zampetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos.

The well-known director, among others, spoke for the first time and also referred to the period when he was working on a ship and was in danger of losing his life.

The revelation of Sotiris Tsafoulias

“I really enjoyed that period because I was quite young and unconscious. I went so far as to go to his office one day because word had arrived that I had been accepted to the University of England to enter my second year. I went and said I was thinking of not going and going with this. He replied “you don’t know what is happening to you”.

We experienced a pretty big storm, when we went to refuel in Bulgaria, I had an accident. I could have been killed but I wasn’t,” revealed Sotiris Tsafoulias.

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Madly in love holding hands in the theater – The rare appearance with Menenakou

Sotiris Tsafoulias and Anna Menenakou usually keep their personal lives out of the public eye, since they prefer to be admired by everyone for their professional work. However, the couple was on the evening of Monday 18/7 at the theater to watch the show “Birthday Gift” and the camera captured them holding hands very much in love.

the well-known director, after all, who often makes statements that are appreciated by the world on various social issues, has also stated in an earlier interview that he does not consider himself an influencer, and that he wants everyone to remember him for his works. In fact, he also turned against this category of people, considering that they direct people’s thinking in a bad way.

So there they enjoyed the performance while they did not fail to be photographed both with the actress Marianna Toumasatou, but also with Peggy Zina.

Tsafoulias and Menenakou hold hands in the Theatre

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