On new paths Elina Papila – From the morning zone and the TV she goes… – News

On new paths Elina Papila – From the morning zone and the TV she goes… – News
On new paths Elina Papila – From the morning zone and the TV she goes… – News

As everything shows, the presenter Elina Papila is now moving to new horizons after the end of the show “[email protected]“, and although there were strong rumors that she would go to another channel and that she was besieged by SKAI, none of that is true, as she is spreading her wings in completely opposite paths to television.

Papila’s new professional step

According to information that has come to light, the well-known presenter is likely to be the one to take over the afternoon slot on the Sfera radio station, and this was noticed by a quiz of the station which mentioned that a well-known presenter is taking action but did not reveal for which it is about.

“We had hoped to…”

Elina Papila and Giorgos Kartelias gave statements to Ola Good’s camera shortly after the curtain of the show [email protected], which we watched on Sunday 10/7. Among other things, the two presenters made their own assessment of this year’s television season and the possible reasons why STAR decided not to continue the show next year.

In particular, Elina Papila characteristically noted that “I honestly do not believe that we were wronged because a channel knows very well what it should continue and what not. That is, they are not split-second decisions. I expected the ending to be emotional, I had never experienced it before and I had never experienced the beginning before. I have too many nice moments to really remember”

“We had hope to go on, hope always dies last! Until the last minute we were saying bass but… no. We spoke to the channel, we confirmed, the rumors turned out to be true and we are going with it. You can’t change what the channel wants. I think that for it to end, you have a sadness and a sadness that is normal.”

“It was a very nice trip full of experience, adventure for me. A lot of go – come with a lot of kilometers but we experienced it intensely. It’s a shame that it’s stopping but something else can come,” Giorgos Kartelias added in turn, speaking to the journalist Giorgos Violentis.

Finally, Elina Papila also confessed that “why they decided to stop the show means that it didn’t suit them in terms of things they might have wanted. I think we did very well, the numbers were also very good because we have to consider that it was an entertainment show with two unknown faces – who had never done television before, without any experience – and they were very decent in a time that was very difficult at the global level”.

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