Zeta Makripoulia “saw” everything: This is the term she puts in her interviews after the relationship with Konstantinos Dede – Gossip

Zeta Makripoulia “saw” everything: This is the term she puts in her interviews after the relationship with Konstantinos Dede – Gossip
Zeta Makripoulia “saw” everything: This is the term she puts in her interviews after the relationship with Konstantinos Dede – Gossip

Yes, Zeta Makripoulia puts conditions in her interviews. Who is this; Do not ask her about her personal information. And we may have known this, but now she says it herself in the “K” insert of Kathimerini.

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Here is the argument that anyone who wants to can…

It’s not that easy, believe me. My partner and I don’t make any public appearances – apart from going to a premiere together, for example. In the interviews I always set a condition that there would be no question about my personal information. And some of your colleagues were going sideways. They would ask me my opinion on relationships or love, for example, and then I would see titles adapted to my own life. It was a war I could not possibly win. So I’ve pretty much stopped doing interviews now, except for very few cases, like yours.

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Full of greenery with a view of the endless blue – The sanctuary where Zeta Makyrpoulia relaxes before returning to Athens

There is little time left until the end of the summer and thus, Zeta Makripoulia wants to make the most of the last minute until she returns to Athens for her duties with Rook Zouk. By the way, see the reaction of Nikos Moutsinas about the marriage and pregnancy of Zeta Makripoulia.

The presenter, after the holidays she spent with her best friend, Nikos Moutsina, decided to give an extension to her summer and thus, she is in a place that makes her calm down, away from the cameras and from the hustle and bustle of Athens.

She has not yet revealed where she is or who she is vacationing with, but from the photos she shares with her online friends on her personal Instagram account, the place looks simply enchanting.

The place where Zeta Makripoulia relaxes


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