The cruel family drama of Giorgos Marinos: The divorce, the exile and the first time he saw his father – Gossip

The cruel family drama of Giorgos Marinos: The divorce, the exile and the first time he saw his father – Gossip
The cruel family drama of Giorgos Marinos: The divorce, the exile and the first time he saw his father – Gossip

George Marinos has remained in our consciousness as an absolute showman, but he himself has gone through many hardshipsbeing essentially… a child of the war, born in 1939, and seeing his familylong before that man, who would be the first to talk about his homosexuality, became troubled.

After all, he himself, born on June 18, does not remember his parents being together at all. And this, because they had divorced when he was only one year old, as a result his mother, Vasiliki, to raise him alone with special tenderness. It was she who gave him the inspiration to walk bravely in life, as at that time it was extremely difficult, perhaps reprehensible, for a mother to raise her child alone, without the protection of the “father of the family”.


Him his father, Alexander, who married twice more, meets him, awkwardly and fearfully, at the age of twelve. He had just returned from exile in Makronissos, because of which of course he could not see his insides.

Their meeting and the paternal wish that did not come true

When they met, his father wanted him with him. “I remember my father’s house, the hall always locked so that I could not enter. I remember, I was sitting on a chair, dressed in my best, still so as not to get dirty and dirty. For hours I sat in that chair, where they put me until father came home. I was thinking about my mother, I wanted to run away and go to her. When my father was there, I could get up and he didn’t know anything. I didn’t tell him either. My mother used to come outside the bars at school and look at me, bursting into tears,” he said.

His father was a civil engineer with an office in Peristeri, and he dreamed of his son studying architecture and working together. But the beautiful boy, like a star of the Hollywood movies he watched with passion, had other plans. He wanted to live many lives in two hours, to be applauded, to be bathed in spotlights, to speak the words of the great writers, to never be alone, but to have a company precious to the roles and the audience.

And while, from his father’s third marriage, he will have a half-brother, Tasso, he will find an ally in his dreams, his mother, his first and devoted admirer, with the continuation of course being known.



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