Vaso Laskaraki surprised us: She is not only an actress – This is her second job – Gossip

Vaso Laskaraki surprised us: She is not only an actress – This is her second job – Gossip
Vaso Laskaraki surprised us: She is not only an actress – This is her second job – Gossip

Vaso Laskaraki is an accomplished actress, but it is not her only occupation in her professional lifeshowing that she never gets tired.

The well-known artist, for whom Yiannis Tsimitselis had made a special confession, had spoken on the show “He and the other” about the professional proposals, which he had rejected, as well as the professional use of social media as another job of hers.


“I discussed some jobs, but after five years of continuous work with “Soi”, “Erotas Meta” came, which took me continuously shooting in the summer. I was constantly going back and forth between Crete and Athens because I didn’t want to keep my daughter here during the summer. My parents went down to Crete and the child stayed there. So, the jobs that were offered to me were also filmed in full during the summer due to the quarantine and the coronavirus,” the actress said initially and continued: “There was a proposal for “Wild Bees”, we got very close and it was done at the same time as “Love After”. I didn’t regret going to “Love After” at all. I have loved this series very much, despite the fact that it was the most difficult shooting I have done and I liked how my role developed.”

The proposal for presentation and Instagram

At the same time, Vaso Laskaraki admitted that there was a proposal to present a show, however, they did not come to an agreement. “It wasn’t the right timing and I did well. It was with Alpha, but also with other channels. People in the field have suggested that I think about something like this many times. My anxiety and anxiety is always what they see in me and which people I will have by my side, because I can’t go there alone. He has also proposed to my husband. I was worried if this was a career change.”

Also, he confessed that he dealt with Instagram professionally this year. “With 750 thousand followers one can live a year without working. I mean the followers bring some commercial collaborations, which in order not to hide behind our finger, I can say that this year that I didn’t work they supported me and it was my income and work. It’s normal work.”

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