“Should I play the bully on TV?” – The “nails” of Sakis Arseniou 7 months after his departure from Survivor 5 – News

“Should I play the bully on TV?” – The “nails” of Sakis Arseniou 7 months after his departure from Survivor 5 – News
“Should I play the bully on TV?” – The “nails” of Sakis Arseniou 7 months after his departure from Survivor 5 – News

Sakis Arseniou invaded this year’s Survivor and brought the celebrities up and down, despite the fact that he didn’t stay long. Every time he has given an interview since then, he talks about his participation there, while there are not a few times when he has “unmasked” players, as he did with Konstantinos Emmanoul.

This time, he spoke on the Who’s Who show in the morning, Thursday 1/9 and explained about his behavior during his stay in Santo Domingo, but also pointed out his participation in DWTS which tired him quite a bit.

Sakis Arseniou’s statements about Survivor 5

“To make Karagiozis on TV to sell what?” he initially said and added: “It was a lot harder than I imagined.”

Regarding the dance show, he emphasized: “I would never go to Dancing again, it was very tiring. Well done to the people who dance.”

“I can’t be someone’s back when I sing. It’s rude to both me and the musicians. When I see someone I hit them on the back,” he added later.

And he concluded: “I don’t like to show my personal life. I’m better than ever.”

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“I see myself on set and…”

Sakis Arseniou was invited to Happy Day on the morning of Wednesday 16/3 and, among other things, he couldn’t bear not to mention the issue of his weight. The singer may have been in the survival game for a very short time, but this time was enough for him to lose a lot of pounds.

The former player of the blue team, has returned highly refreshed with a result, where he walks around attracting all eyes. Therefore, whatever they say about the weight he put on to enter Survivor, they leave him indifferent, as he emphasized once again.

“I see me on set and I’ve gained weight. I lost quite a bit in a very few days. We were burning calories, eating very little. The filming was long. I did well to gain weight, I also received negative comments.

I had said I would be an easy target when I came in. “Survivor was a great experience and I challenge anyone who says it’s easy to go,” revealed Sakis Arseniou.

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