Argyro Barbarigou can’t hold back – She published a photo with her colleagues at Breakfast before the premiere – TV24

Argyro Barbarigou can’t hold back – She published a photo with her colleagues at Breakfast before the premiere – TV24
Argyro Barbarigou can’t hold back – She published a photo with her colleagues at Breakfast before the premiere – TV24

Ready for their grand premiere on September 5th are the team of “Morning”, which this year after the departure of Fai Skordas, will have many changes. Old and new collaborators compose a fighting ensemble, ready to conquer the dynamic audience. With them is the beloved chef Argyro Barbarigou, who does not hide her joy for the new season and uploaded her first photo together with her colleagues.

After Skorda’s departure, the chef became a bone of contention between her and Giorgos Liagas over who will manage to have her on his set. Despite the very good professional and friendly relations she has with Skorda, Barbarigou ended up at Proino, forcing the blonde presenter to resort to another solution.

Barbarigou’s post before the premiere of Proinos

“Good month, health and only smiles. Date with positive energy on Monday morning”, writes the famous chef on Instagram.


Liagas with Barabarigou and Skorda with Skarmoutsos

A few days are left until the day when Fai Skorda will officially premiere on her new television home, SKAI. The presenter has already started preparations for her show with her new partners (see here a photo from her office at the Faliro station).

An issue that was discussed quite a bit about Faia Skorda’s breakfast at SKAI was that of the cook. The presenter wanted to have Argiro Barbarigou by her side, however this “ship” sailed in another direction.

So according to the report of Real Life, Fai Skorda will also appear very strong in the cooking part since her kitchen will be taken over by the top chef, Dimitris Skarmoutsos, who became known to the television audience through his participation in the first MasterChef, while also having his own TV shows.

After all, the two have great chemistry, which was seen when the chef was invited to cook at Breakfast.

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