True “beast”: Every woman would envy Popi Tsapanidou’s jeep (photo) – Gossip

True “beast”: Every woman would envy Popi Tsapanidou’s jeep (photo) – Gossip
True “beast”: Every woman would envy Popi Tsapanidou’s jeep (photo) – Gossip

Popi Tsapanidou shared some time ago with her audience on social media, the car she acquired and it certainly impresses.

The well-known journalist is one of the leading Greek presenters, and she has cashed in on an amazing career, having all the comforts in her everyday life.


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The well-known journalist shares several times what is happening in her life with her online friends, as she is extremely active on social media, revealing what she owns.

Tsapanidou’s post about the new car

Tsapanidou, however, apart from that, also has a “beast” with which she walks the streets. In particular, her car is really huge and can certainly take her everywhere.


Charming and with wealth: This is Popi Tsapanidou’s partner

Popi Tsapanidou is not only a leading journalist, but also one of the most charming women of Greek television, with the same for years she has found love in the face of a man, who does not go unnoticed.

The presenter, who from the age of 16 showed model proportions, although she rarely talks about her personal life, does not hide behind her finger.

It is known that she has had her man, stockbroker Nikos Iatrou, by her side for eight years, who seems to support her in every bold decision she makes.


The answer to whether she would marry him

But would she consider remarrying?

“I like to talk about values ​​in life. I am a traditionalist and believe deeply in the effort that both sides must make to support a relationship, whether it is professional, friendly or personal. I strongly believe in “forever”. I’m not the type to “leave easily”, the type to “dissolve”. That’s how I think people should see it because people give up easily. They easily leave relationships, easily enter the next ones, easily leave them too. It’s not like this. This leaves a huge void inside you. You do this at the beginning of your life and you bet. You have children and you move on…”, she says to “Real”, meaning that in this part she has come full circle.

Her daughters, whom she adores, are always by her side, while she often visits two of the three in the Netherlands.

“I don’t see it as strange and that my children have left. On the contrary, I see it as a very great opportunity, especially while you are young, to live in other cultures to see how societies are set up that are much more organized than what we consider “organized”. Especially in the Netherlands, “together” is a way of life because we are talking about the Netherlands, so if everyone doesn’t work together, their lives are in danger. One of my daughters has been there for about five years and the other one and a half. Both are in different companies.”

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