The 3 women in the life of Christoforos Papakaliatis are the reason everyone will be talking about the Maestro

The 3 women in the life of Christoforos Papakaliatis are the reason everyone will be talking about the Maestro
The 3 women in the life of Christoforos Papakaliatis are the reason everyone will be talking about the Maestro

Haris Alexiou, Maria Kavogianni and the new entry Clelia Andriolatou, are the 3 women you will love and these are the roles they will play.

THE Christoforos Papakaliatis is returning to television after 11 years and has already achieved what few television people have achieved. To create audience anticipation for his new Maestro series, which premieres on Mega in mid-October. The maestro of love, this time does not create another love story. The messages are deeper and more meaningful in his story and his 3 new TV muses, Maria Kavoianni, Haris Alexiou and Clelia Andriolatou, they uniquely build his wonderful television world in Paxos.

Ready for the second cycle as well

Christoforos has already announced that in a few days he will start filming the second cycle again in Paxos, before we even see his new television venture, for which he has been working methodically for the last 3 years. The story was very clear in his mind, but the first 9 episodes that we will watch this year, also opened new chapters for him and the action will continue. After all, as expected, the audience will expect continuity in his story. Especially when he sees the three women who will become the focus of Maestro’s script. The series is not another love story of Christoforos on TV. It is something much more and he himself has explained it: “The axis is love stories, but we touch on much more things, such as domestic violence and all that concerns society.”

Alexiou’s grandmother

Certainly the appearance of the well-known and beloved performer caused interest from the first moment it was announced. The first television appearance of Haris Alexiou as a role is very special. She will play the grandmother of Klelia Andriolatou, the island student Klelia who will be fascinated by the new teacher Orestes, i.e. Christoforos Papakaliatis.

He will work in support of him, as soon as the local society turns against him and shares his artistic vision and his own opposition to the pathologies of the local society. It will work firefighting and sometimes redemptive.

Maria Kavoianni takes on a difficult role. That of the oppressed housewife of Paxos, who receives cruel violence from her husband and has to deal with secrets and pathologies of her family that will upset the local community. Orestes will witness her daily life and will be the one who will change her life. The identification of the actress with Christoforos in recent years, with their collaboration in the cinema and in his film “Another World” creates expectations for unique scenes between them.

Finally, Clelia Andriolatou, who will play Clelia and will fall in love with the new teacher of Paxos, will be one of the surprises of the series. But she will have to face the reactions of her family. In the continuation of the series, love will not be the only issue he will have to face.

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