The competition with drama, information, entertainment is at its height

It seems that the channels are also investing a lot in the evening zone, in the 2022-2023 season. Each station has made sure to fill the schedule, through shows and series for the whole family. After all, everyone knows that the competition is expected to explode from the start of the season…

Apart from fiction (which has already divided viewers), the channels are investing in entertainment shows as well as information shows. Their goal is to win the first place in the preferences of TV viewers, in every zone.

How will the program be structured and what will we highlight in the winter afternoons? What shows are continuing as normal and what will be the new arrivals of each channel?

Entertainment shows and TV games

Our old and beloved habits continue as normal! The Shopping Star he returns renewed with new tests, as of course Wheel of luckwhich has been garnering enviable ratings for the past few years on STAR.

the wheel of luck

An integral part of entertainment shows is also The Chase on MEGA, with Maria Bekatorou. For a lighter and more entertaining afternoon fiesta, Markos Seferlis comes with 5*5.

The reins of ALPHA’s afternoon entertainment zone are held by Christos Ferentinos with the show Deal. For relaxed conversations, beautiful company, information on issues that concern us, here comes the Studio 4 with Nancy Zampetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos.

OPEN also enters the competition of the afternoon zone, with the fresh show of Ina Tarantou “We“. From 20:00 onwards, he returns Millionaire with Grigoris Arnautoglou, who is expected to take over in November False rumor.

It is worth noting that the TV game “Weak link” he said goodbye to SKAI, to premiere on ERT. Daily, at 19:00.


So much fiction to fit in the evening zone! The channels this season (2022-2023) invested a lot in this part, bringing new – explosive stories, even in the evening zone!

ALPHA continues to climb up and down the steps to the top, replacing family histories with.. “Doubts”! Accordingly, the STAR channel continues strongly with the second season “Three Miles“.

SKAI also strikes with a dramatic series, bringing against the “Wild Land”, on a daily basis. OPEN responds in the same way, showing daily the period drama series “Erotas Fygas”.

From 20:00 in the late afternoon, after the central news bulletins, other series take over that will captivate us. THE “Ladies’ Paradise” takes us to the world of fashion, through the frequency of ALPHA, while at 20:00 our favorite takes his place “plane tree” on ERT.


The difficult everyday life, the fast pace and developments that leave us sleepless, made the channels invest even more in information. Thus, the evening zone in the 2022-2023 season, in addition to entertainment, also brings fresh current affairs news.

In MEGA, the Live News is already back in full swing, with Nikos Evaggelatos, who comments on issues that concern the public in Greece and abroad.

The Evangelist

The Evangelist

The Evangelist

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