Presenters Who Went Missing From TV – Where Are They

Presenters Who Went Missing From TV – Where Are They
Presenters Who Went Missing From TV – Where Are They

Maro Leonardou: “When I was presenting news, I liked the beginning and the end because I felt like I was talking to the world” / ERT video

Today, every year on November 21, World Television Day is celebrated. It is a day where exchanges of television programs between countries are encouraged, especially those related to peace, security, culture, economic and social development.

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On the occasion of today, let’s see which well-known presenters and journalists disappeared over time from the small screen, while they were in the limelight for many years and their future was written bright. In fact, their shows were very popular and the viewers supported them endlessly!

Liaropoulou Co

We met Sia Liaropoulou on television in 1997 with her appearance on the show “A New Beginning”. She continued her success on the small screen with “Secrets of Love”, “Couple of the Year” and “Final Decision”, shows that brought her to the top of the television zone.

Today, the traces of the well-known presenter are also ignored there is no news of her online as to where she is and what she is currently up to.

Maro Leonardou has been away from television for almost 12 years, while recently she spoke to Dimitris Giatzoglou and the show “Two at 10” about all the reasons she decided to leave the space. “I left television with a mental trauma. That’s why I then ended up in psychoanalysis and turned it into other specialties.

I left with a mental trauma because the television, while I was there for 21 years, I had said “never me again”, “away” and so on. So I started writing an inner monologue as an old man reminiscing about the TV years and that’s how my new book started to be written, not to be published, so for me.”

After she decided to leave the small screen, she was involved in radio till 2017 and since then she has had no contact with the media. She had emphasized, notably in another, earlier interview, that: “Now I don’t even have a TV in my house. The sound of the TV bothers me now. I feel bad when I go to houses and they open to watch the news. The news as it is today bothers me because it’s so scary, this music thing. I like simple things, without music, without titles, let the image speak for itself when it exists.”

Maro Leonardou: Ten years later, he explains why he left journalism

Now, she is enjoying family life and booking a non-return trip when she visits her favorite island, Kythira.

Gela Pavlakou

The well-known journalist Gela Pavlakou was one of the main presenters of the ANT1 newscasts in the 90s. Now he has left TV for good and deals only with radiowhere she is the communication manager of “Athens 9.84”.

It is characteristic that even though she was in the media and the spotlight for many years, she always protected her personal life and that is why her family situation is not known.

Biliyo Tsoukala

Since 2013, when the curtain fell on her show “Echii Gousto”, Bilio Tsoukala has only made selected public appearances.

Bilio Tsoukala in 2012 at the premiere of the play “The Sixth Caryatid”, at the Alma theater / Photo NDP

Now, she helps her husband, George Pitta, in culinary guides, which become rapturous in every corner of the Earth. They travel together to beautiful places, inside and outside of Greece and present various recipes, which they also upload to the internet.

As fanatical cooks, they both often prepare unique dishes and set the table for their friends, in the neoclassical house they own, overlooking the Acropolis.

She was the first one to serve us… morning coffee, before she left TV events and Eleni Menegaki will take the baton. The first one I taught was the presentation of the morning shows and the face that they all initially tried to imitate.

“3-2-1” in the 1993-1994 season and “Breakfast Coffee” in 1994-1995 established her as a television figure. We have met her on television since 1999, when she participated in “Two Strangers” playing… herself as a replacement for Marina Kountouratou.

However, in February 2017 he appeared on Eleni Menegaki’s show talking about the times of the good old Greek television. Today, works as a communications manager for a Greek clothing company and as a radio producer.

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Miltos Makridis

One of the most intelligent Greek presenters of his time. Unruly, caustic, quick-witted, with a sense of humor, he always left his mark on whatever he was busy with.

He successfully presented one of the most popular reality shows of that period, “Bar”, without being labeled as “yellow”.

He chose to move away from the media when the television offers he received did not cover him professionally.

Miltos Makridis / Photo NDP

Once, when asked: “Why aren’t you on TV anymore?”, he replied: “Which TV?”, while claiming that: “I don’t deal with it now. Now is already past. I prefer to look at it later.”

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