“I don’t accept empathy and bad Greek”

“I don’t accept empathy and bad Greek”
“I don’t accept empathy and bad Greek”

Dear actor Yannis Bezos kicks off at the premiere of “Night Out”, with Theoharis Ioannidis, on Tuesday (21/11), at 00:10 at MEGA.

In an excerpt from the interview aired on the show “Let’s Go Danae”, we see the well-known actor giving his own perspective on the issue that has arisen recently, regarding actors who take on the role of presenter on television.

“It’s not a bad thing (for actors to host shows), it’s about whether you’re successful as a host or not” states characteristics. According to him, what matters in this case is the way one does this work: “Presenting requires personality from people, it requires a quickness of thought and most of all it requires being endearing and likable to the camera. Now if he’s an actor or if he’s a singer or if he’s a journalist it doesn’t matter. I think it’s a special job.”

After all, he has taken on the role of presenter a year ago in a music show. Regarding his experience she says: “I would say that it really tired me out, it naturally kept me very busy and I must say that it was a very responsible job.” However, Yannis Bezos never received critical comments for that decision. “Personally, I didn’t hear it from anyone, but even if it was said, I consider it very honorable”he adds.

He then refers to the comments in the media about the character and the statements he has made from time to time. “I accept all this because they may be right. Someone may be right that I haven’t noticed something” he said.

However, he meaningfully adds: I do not accept empathy, I also do not accept bad Greek and abusive or slanderous publications. After all, most of them are anonymous, it’s a joke, anyone can say whatever they want. It does not count. If something is interesting, it will count in me, I will watch it.”

What will we see at the premiere of “Night Out” with Yannis Bezos as a guest

Just before we enjoy him in the big production “Famagusta”Yannis Bezos explains how his role in the series by Andrea Georgiou, Vanas Dimitriou and Koulis Nikolaou it’s something very different from what he’s done so far.

Theoharis Ioannidis challenges his guest to a basketball game refereed by the basketball legend Panagiotis Fasoula. How many baskets will Yannis Bezos score? In a rare TV moment, the actor takes the quiz and proves how well he speaks slang. Does he know what beef is and when someone is cringing? He also recasts legendary roles he embodied on the small screen. To which Hollywood actor would he give the role of Commander Kakalos and who would be ideal to play Zacho Doganos?

Yannis Bezos at Night Out


In a tender and honest interview, Yannis Bezos comments on it MeToo invasion of theater and expresses his dismay at the names he brought to the surface. It also reveals the background behind the first openly gay character on Greek television, whom he played in “Unacceptable”. Did you get mean comments then for the role? Has the depiction of gay characters on television changed from the 90s to today?

Yannis Bezos says goodbye to the set of the show and Theoharis Ioannidis, confessing his unrequited love for his wife Natalia Tsalikis. He also explains that he would be too ashamed to help his daughter, Heroin her professional steps.

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