Thodoris Rakintzis: His criticism of TV personalities – The “criminal mistake” and the “lazy”

Thodoris Rakintzis: His criticism of TV personalities – The “criminal mistake” and the “lazy”
Thodoris Rakintzis: His criticism of TV personalities – The “criminal mistake” and the “lazy”

Thodoris Rakintzis and his television duo, Elena Sotiropoulou, were invited to Proinos Sousou and commented on most of the television personalities who concern the current affairs, with particular severity, but quite fairly. What did he say about Fai Skordas, Ioanna Maleskus, Grigoris Arnautoglou, Nikos Moutsina, Radio Arvyla?

What did he say about Fai Scordas?

“For me, the big problem is that Fai Scordas went to an environment that does not support entertainment. The choice he made when he left ANT1 to go to SKAI did not work journalistically. Ask, my child. The thing is, he made a fatal mistake that he is now paying for. Sometimes we have to reduce the zeros to avoid becoming zero. It was a criminal mistake by SKY to only leave one season of the show there and go 12-2 in midday. Faye had to leave on the spot. If you agree to go at this time you have made a criminal mistake. The one who makes the program doesn’t seem to count on you.”

How did he comment on Maleskus, Mousinas, Arnautoglou?

“Ioanna Maleskou’s permanent problem is that she speaks perfect Greek and I hear Chinese while she is a very nice girl. It contradicts and contradicts itself in one sentence. He must be a bit of a Liaga, he is the kind of person who will let you talk when he wants to. It’s a tutorial.”

“If he makes this move, it will be to leave Greek television. I’m going to have a great time and leave. He really wants to do it. He’ll make a counter proposal in the morning I’m sure and I’d like him to succeed. He respects his channel very much and if he doesn’t find them, the only way is to Mega.

Nikos Moutsinas is missing but Katerina Zarifi comes to fill the gap with another proposal that is interesting to see how it will develop. It’s enough to e

They do their numbers but they are the biggest slackers for me. They start last and finish first. There is no respect for the viewer. And Grigoris complained because he too made 20%.

What is happening to Andreas and Katerina Kainourgiou makes me very sad. Katerina decided to surrender. I see an Andrea who has taken the field all to himself, he plays the game as he wants, he has a lot of nerves. He needs to look at himself a bit. With Light, the responsibility falls on him. I respect him very much. The experienced and the most senior should teach calmness.

A large part of the criticism also concerned Eleni Menegaki:

“She’s proving to be a good telemarketer. She changed her ladder to raise revenue. She is the only presenter who is not stressed. Whether it’s good or bad, she sleeps peacefully. The only thing that can spoil it is the monthly amount. Eleni Menegaki always works only for herself. He fixed the fronts, he must fix the backs too” he pointed out.

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