It’s not true that I’ll be back on TV, they’re reports

It’s not true that I’ll be back on TV, they’re reports
It’s not true that I’ll be back on TV, they’re reports

Vicky Kaya, who will present “Madwalk 2023” this year, spoke to the camera of Eleonora Meleti’s show and, among other things, referred to her abstinence from television, stressing how necessary it was.

For the ceiling to fall and flatten me if I don’t feel full. 30 years I work, collaborate, succeed, fail, build, tear down, how can I not be full? Truly, every morning when I wake up I thank God for the good things I have and I am happy with what I have” explained Vicky Kaya.

Later in the interview he stated that:Abstaining from television was necessary. I have gained a concentration and a calmness that I had lost. Which means a lot of things, because if you don’t evaluate yourself, your work, where you go and how you do things, you can’t continue further, with different challenges and do new things. You will always stay comfortable in what you know or comfortable. So it was very necessary, at least for me.”

Everything has changed for the better, to normal. Because right now for me the best is normal. Because the best for everyone is different. For me it’s this normal that I’ve been longing for and I like that I’m not in a rush for things.

I love that I cook, I love that I set the table, that we eat, that we do the housework together, that we water the garden, that we do the pots, nice! I do exercise which I didn’t have time for before” he added.

Regarding what is heard about her return to television, Vicky Kaya clarified: “It’s not true that I’ll be back on TV, they’re reports. When I am close to saying yes to something, I will tell you myself, I have no problem, but there is no such plan at the moment.

I’m not thinking about what I’d like this TV comeback to be like. I don’t think about anything, because quite simply my need to sit down and rest my mind from any anxiety or thought is so great.

I believe that when you attract the things that you deserve in life and you’ve worked really hard for them without ever bothering anyone, they kind of come to you on their own, you don’t have to stress too much.”

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