Stefanos returns to Chiari with two women


Erotas Fygas: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be stormy since Stefanos returns to Chiari with two women.

Get ready for some gossip :p

Upheavals will be brought by the new and subsequent episodes of the Erotas Fygas series with Stefanos and Margeta still circulating incognito, for fear of being discovered.

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We will see Anna worried about the health of Elpida’s mother, who was attacked by Eugenia and this endangers Stefanos and Margeta who are afraid of being discovered, since they are in Athens. Will their hiding place be discovered or will they continue to circulate in secret?

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In the meantime, Stephanos he does everything to stop the bravo from threatening them and after that, he decides to go back to Chiari with Anna and Dimitra. Margeta still remains in Athens and everyone thinks she is dead. But for how long?

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