The Farm spoiler: Immunity and the first gladiator


Another departure from Farm of Star, that of Giorgos Kiultzopoulos from the green brought the players closer to the final. His letter will designate the new leader of his team, while from the 1st immunity match the first gladiator for the new departure will also be indicated.

The reality show is more than halfway done, as in the top ten we will also have the division of the teams. Individual play will not have just one exit each week. as the final will take place shortly before the arrival of 2024. The one who sees the dark coming is definitely Giorgos Tsamis as he has immunity until the final ten, but after it ends it is doubtful if he will be able to withstand the competition.

So December will find farmers with a new regulation, organizing their strategy to get closer to winning the prize money. It goes without saying that if there are new departures due to injury or voluntary in the meantime, the whole process will be shorter.

What you will see in the episode of Monday 20/11 on the Farm:

Waking up in the morning proves, once again, difficult for the farmers and especially for Nikos Parlandzas, who is suffering from a strong pain in his leg.

The caretaker, Manthos Pisimisis, comes for his usual visit, bringing with him food for the animals of the stable and also for Bandana, the dog, who has now become a permanent resident of the “Farm”.

The green group reads the letter of Giorgos Kiultzopoulos. To whom did he/she give his/her reason to leave him/her as leader and how does the team react to hearing this expression? Was it wording wrong or did someone from the team ask for the captaincy?

A little later there is a big fight in the blue group, on the occasion of the plants of the vegetable garden, which have dried up. For some, the responsibility falls on the manager of the vegetable garden, Giorgos Tsamis. Others blame him for the unwashed dishes and the fact that he is trying to get them out of his mind. How does he himself react to all this?

Leonidas Koutsopoulos welcomes the players to the 1st Immunity Test of the week. The blue group, which remained an unruly ship after the voluntary departure of its leader, Elena Karambasi, will have to vote for its new leader. After the voting is completed, the players are divided into pairs, with the purpose of shoveling sand. Which team will prove to be the “fastest shovel”?

A mouth-watering prize awaits the winning team. On the other hand, the losing team finds it difficult to handle the defeat. By what criteria will the selection of the first gladiator be made?

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