Dimitra Katsafadou: She almost fell victim to fraud! “He asked me to give 40,000 euros”

Dimitra Katsafadou: She almost fell victim to fraud! “He asked me to give 40,000 euros”
Dimitra Katsafadou: She almost fell victim to fraud! “He asked me to give 40,000 euros”

She almost fell victim to fraud Dimitra Katsafadou. The businesswoman received an email, in which the mother of one child asked her to give 40,000 euros in order to help her 4.5-year-old son who has cancer in his eye. As it turned out, this woman set up a fundraiser – fraud, as her child is not sick.

THE Dimitra Katsafadou spoke to “Live News” and Nikos Evangeliato and explained how she was approached by this particular woman, while thanking the presenter and the show for “opening her eyes”.

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“He asked me to give 40,000 euros and that he must collect 145 thousand. I have been a victim of fraud in the past. The title of her email was “because love shows in action”, to motivate me to put the amount of money immediately. He wrote about the child’s optic nerve, that Dionysis, who is a 4.5-year-old child, is suffering from cancer. The whole company and the financial director were ready to press the button, as in all cases when we transfer money.

I am particularly sensitive to such issues and especially when they concern children with illnesses. Then he told me the details of the child’s medical file, he analyzed hospitals, that it has been shown on many shows, that some very important sites, big news sites have shown it. Just telling me that a 4.5 year old child is suffering from eye cancer, you don’t know what I have done… These people don’t let the real cases run and help even more immediately. He called us. The head of the call center department spoke with her. It was also an emotional situation, so it was one of the issues we had first to get paid.

Fortunately, your reporter called us on Sunday and told us not to do the deposition. Thank you very much, because it is a great sin to give such sums to scammers, it seems. Let someone who really needs them take them. It’s sad. He appealed to the emotion, something very bad… Other more important people are losing, now we have established a team that goes with an autopsy to give the money. Thank you for opening my eyes,” she said Dimitra Katsafadou.

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