Beyos for survivor: “I can’t watch this show, I’m old school”

Beyos for survivor: “I can’t watch this show, I’m old school”
Beyos for survivor: “I can’t watch this show, I’m old school”

Achilles Beos responded to the rumors that wanted him to take part in survivor and among other things he said that he cannot watch the well-known reality show.

The Mayor of Volos, Achilles Beosgave an interview to Metropolis 95.5 and commented in his own special way on sports and not only current affairs.

A few days ago the Ajun Ilijali visited him Bullet and discussed with Achilles Beo about possible investments in the region of Magnesia. The presence of the Turkish businessman in the capital of Magnesia created scenarios surrounding the possible presence of the Mayor in survivor 2024.

Today, Mr Achilles Beos he wanted to put an end to these rumors and noted that “Ajun’s presence in Volos created a myth”.

“Here, the world is losing and people are saying stupid things like I’m supposedly going to….survivor. We’ve been doing some humor the past few days. You need to use some humor. Ajun’s presence in Volos created a legend. They said it was connected to my presence on survivor. These are jokes of course. I am of old principles. I can’t watch this show. I get up in the morning at 07:45 and leave for work. Since 9 in the morning I have a boiler head. There are many problems. Anyway, I’m at home since nine in the evening.

For some I am a role model, for some I am disliked. To the majority in my town, I am likable. Listen a little. I am judged for my work. And for my presence in Volos. I’m a capsuleer with this city, I’m in the mood to offer. If someone judges me because I don’t laugh, because I speak the way I do, because I said another word instead of gay somehow, I don’t care. Greece is tired of the hypocrisy, the lie, the falsehood” he said characteristically.

At another point he was asked to comment on his recent statements, according to which next summer o Makis Gagatsis will be the new president of the EPO and repeated:

“I have said about Gagatsi that he is capable, because I like football, I want to say that he is a new kid in the field of football with many prospects. And he will take the position of EPO president next summer after a gentlemen’s agreement between Savvidis and Melissanidis”.

As to whether he can respond to the position of EPO president, Mr Achilles Beos he said: “I will tell you something. When I met with Zagorakis, I told him that in four months from the time he took over, he would resign. And he resigned. And now the president when he has the hot potato will have his chair sawn off. Makis is a football man. Let’s hope they don’t cut his position. He will go there. Because the major shareholder will recommend him. This is Savvidis’ agreement with Melissanidis. It doesn’t bother me at all. I would like the EPO president to be chosen by 500 people in each term. Even by 5,000 people if possible. And let each EPO president be judged by his ability. Anyway, I would tell him not to go at all, if he asked me.

Those who vote are… Not all. Let’s not do everyone wrong. The majority of actors there, however, take a line. I don’t know if it is enough for them to get an invitation to the National Team. I believe that the members of the EPO determine the fortunes and provisions of professional football. Why they do it, ask them.

As for football, I am referring to the Championship, there is an intense competition. For the first time in many years.

I also see PAOK better than last year. And Olympiakos also better than last year. Now, since the fifth one doesn’t come out in Europe, it doesn’t make sense. The important thing is that the 4 teams do well in Europe. To win one more place again next season. The 4 teams until now are responding, because the league has become more competitive. I think the big players understood that. These 4 groups show a very big improvement.

As for the football team of Volos, we really want to improve there. In the previous period I had to give a lot of importance to the city. As for the team, I remind you that bad luck is chasing us. Two of the three goalkeepers had cruciate ligament surgery. And in the last game against Aris, Volos should have won.

On another matter of a purely social nature, I want to tell you that today we went and distributed 200 refrigerators and utensils and washing machines to the flood victims. I coordinate the great effort that is being made to complete the cleaning of the city. This should be completed by the end of the week as well.

We are waiting for the studies on the two bridges and their restoration. And every day I struggle with the ministries to provide solutions for the common people who lost their properties in the devastating floods.

I will honor the votes of the Citizens. I also want to tell you that we are waiting for you all to come to Volos. The organizing authority has the services. Niki Volou is based in Panthessaliko, it’s just closed for a few days due to work on the turf”.

The article is in Greek

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