Tonia Sotiropoulou: The confession about Kostis Maraveyas


Guest on the show “Helen» was found Tonia Sotiropoulou at noon on Monday 11/20.

The well-known actress on the occasion of her participation in the new series Milky Waytalked about her role, her personal life, but also about her relationship with him Costi Maraveya.

“I believe that if you can do something for someone, just do it. For me it’s very basic, if you can do something to make it easier for someone, just do it. I don’t have the good kid syndrome anymore, I want to treat others well because that’s how I want others to treat me. It’s important to give yourself some peace of mind,” Tonia Sotiropoulou initially said.

“I believe that every person has value in our lives even for a quarter. It’s not that I don’t care about the other person’s opinion, everyone has their own opinion, but I’m ok because just as I can’t change the other person, neither can he. I was introverted and closed quite a bit in the previous years, and I realized that I did it because I was afraid of getting hurt, but it’s nice to be crumpled. Kostis has helped me a lot, he’s the joy of life and it’s a bit annoying,” added Tonia Sotiropoulou afterwards.

Tonia Sotiropoulou, who stars in the MEGA series, “Milky Way” and plays “Niki”, revealed: “I am friends with people I admire very much. As it happened with Vassilis Kekatos and I am very grateful for my role. It was my choice to watch all the episodes in order. Basil has the following skill with the people he works with. He doesn’t care what you should theoretically be as a role. It will go completely against you and that is liberating. This is something that all actors want. Apparently it’s the most extreme thing I’ve done. When he suggested it to me I said “yes, thank you,” he confessed, among others, to Eleni Menegaki.

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