Eleni Menegaki: Her decision to change the show

Eleni Menegaki: Her decision to change the show
Eleni Menegaki: Her decision to change the show

Eleni Menegaki was at the start of her show far away from the central table of her set and her partners sitting on it, and she had a reason, which she explained to the viewers.

The presenter opened her show from the kitchen of her set, together with her cook, Giorgos Tsoulis, and announced that from now on, the flow of her program will change and it will always start with cooking.

“Good evening and good week to all our friends wherever they are. From today onwards, we will start differently because we thought, discussed and decided that from now on we will start our lunchtime show upside down with cooking, because many times this time is the right time to get an idea of ​​what to you do the next day or something short, the same day.

And because we see in the television paper that usually towards the end you succeed in cooking, we go the other way, they go for a start, so keep that in your mind, date for 1.30 pm, we go the other way around. Then we’ll say all the rest,” said the presenter, announcing that cooking will no longer be at the end of the show.

“I was 110 kg in sixth grade”

Eleni Menegaki and Giorgos Tsoulis got into a conversation about nutrition and especially that of children, with the well-known cook revealing that in the sixth grade he had reached 110 kg and at school he didn’t do very well, neither with the weight, nor with his last name .

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“We have no contact with Eleni Menegaki. It was misunderstood that I called her a ‘strict partner'”

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